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Matrimonial Law Services in New Castle NY

Dimopoulos Bruggemann P.C. stands as a renowned law firm specializing in matrimonial and family law within Westchester County. Our extensive expertise is widely acknowledged, making us the preferred choice for addressing intricate and demanding legal cases. Our services extend to multiple locations, including New York City, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, and Orange Counties.

Our firm operates as a comprehensive matrimonial and family law practice, encompassing the following key areas:

  • Divorce: Our skilled attorneys provide comprehensive legal guidance and representation to clients going through divorce proceedings. We navigate the complexities of divorce, helping clients reach fair and equitable settlements.
  • High Net Worth Divorce: For individuals with substantial assets and complex financial situations, we specialize in high net worth divorce cases. Our team has the knowledge and experience to protect our client's interests and secure favorable outcomes.
  • Child Custody: We assist parents in matters related to child custody, striving to ensure the best interests of the child are met. Our legal strategies aim to create stable and supportive living arrangements for children during and after divorce or separation.
  • Child Support: Dimopoulos Bruggemann P.C. offers expert guidance in child support matters. We help clients establish fair child support agreements and enforce them when necessary, ensuring the financial well-being of the child is maintained.

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