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Kim, Scarsdale
"Mr. Dimopoulos is a consummate professional who is both very empathetic and reassuring at a very stressful time, while being very knowledgable and straight forward with the facts and the reality of what a divorce entails. What I appreciated most in my experience with Mr. Demopoulos was that I felt that he went out of his way to be not only available and reassuring to me in my initial period of anxiety and indecision, but that over time he tailored his services to my needs and fully supported me when some of my needs were not "classic" and I needed to take an alternate route."
Phil Orlando, Pelham
"Gus is a fantastic lawyer. He is the most professional, knowledgeable and thorough attorney in his field. We had a great experience with him for over two years and my family and I now consider him a dear friend. I highly recommend Gus!"
Client, Scarsdale
"I have known Gus for 4 years and worked on several cases with him including my own. He is effective. He knows the system, has great expert witnesses, and is super efficient (ie does not overbill). Most importantly he is realistic about outcomes and how to negotiate for the best possible solution at the lowest possible risk and cost. You could not ask for more in an attorney."
Anonymous, Bronxville
Gus is a talented advocate, and provides outstanding results. Based on his reputation in the courtroom---he was able to negotiate a quick settlement that was highly in my favor within a couple of weeks without the need to go to court. Not only was the outcome spectacular, but he did it efficiently and even returned the unused portion of my retainer. I was 100% satisfied, and would highly recommend him.
Debbie, Scarsdale
Debbie, Scarsdale Gus is the GREATEST. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a divorce lawyer, do yourself a favor and call Gus immediately. Gus is the BEST lawyer and a great person. My divorce was taking a very long time and was extremely stressful and expensive. My previous counsel was trying to pressure me to settle, and I truly felt hopeless. I had my first conversation and then consultation with Gus, and I immediately felt better. At the eleventh hour, when most people would not even bother to try, he stepped in and very quickly took complete control of my divorce process.
Rashmi, Scarsdale
I hired him on recommendation of a friend, & my expectations were fully realized with complete satisfaction. He gave me good advice & skillfully fought my case to reach a just & satisfactory settlement to avoid unnecessary court action, which may have delayed judgement & would have been a lot more expensive.
Anonymous, Scarsdale
Anonymous, Scarsdale Gus is a talented advocate, and provides outstanding results. Based on his reputation in the courtroom---he was able to negotiate a quick settlement that was highly in my favor within a couple of weeks without the need to go to court. Not only was the outcome spectacular, but he did it efficiently and even returned the unused portion of my retainer. I was 100% satisfied, and would highly recommend him.
Raquel, Larchmont
I have nothing but the best to say about Gus. Professional and Knowledgeable! Gus Really cares about his clients during and after the divorce. He is not only a great attorney he has become a good friend. It was a hard life experience for me and I needed someone I could trust and would consider my family circumstances. I am a few years past my divorce and he still keeps in touch, cares about me and my children and helps me with any issues that come up. I have recommended him to a few different people that I know and will continue to do so.
Ralph Vega, Florida
Gus successfully handled my very difficult divorce. Gus was great every step keeping me informed. Gus was able to provide me with a satisfactory resolution. I would definitely recommend him
JAC, Irvington
Gus is a Rock Star! I hired Gus to help me navigate some difficult post- divorce court proceedings. I had been to court many times over the course of ten years. My prior attorneys were fine, but I never felt completely protected and confidant until Gus. His knowledge of the inner workings of the system, combined with intuition and incredible preparedness were more than impressive. He is a rock star and I'm grateful for his fierce protection of my children and assets. You can't find a more capable attorney
Patty, Client
SHARP AS A TACK! ‚Äč I hired Gus for a family matter and he delivered 110%. He is very smart and more importantly very efficient which is very important when you are paying a lawyer by the hour. He is easy to talk to even under very stressful conditions. I was very fortunate that someone recommended him to me. I highly recommend Gus Dimopoulos, Esq.
Anonymous, Scarsdale
Very knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated attorney. Gus really cares about his clients and takes a personal interest and approach to producing positive results.
Gus is the best! He was kind, compassionate, insightful, and extremely knowledgeable. He answered my questions before I even asked them. I walked in having never consulted with a divorce attorney before and was a bit nervous. I left feeling very well-informed, supported and on the right path. He was frank, honest and kind. He made what was already a difficult situation, painless and easy. And I never had the opportunity to cry, because he's THAT good. Thank you, Gus!!
I consulted with Gus and was not disappointed! First time meeting him I was a little uneasy but he was quickly able to calm my anxiousness and I felt extremely comfortable discussing my case with him. I attended my first court appearance with Gus but for the second, Andriana was my counsel. At a time when I was insecure about the outcome of my child support settlement, she was able to advocate and skillfully fight my case to reach a satisfactory settlement. Gus and his entire team excelled in their professionalism and consistently addressed my many questions and concerns in a timely manner. There was always someone in the office readily accessible and available to help in regards to my case. Gus and his associates exceeded all of my expectations!
I was referred to Gus from a friend and cannot say enough about how wonderful Gus is! The divorce process is extremely stressful but Gus made my life so much easier. My initial lawyer felt the need to contact me daily with trivial updates, during my hectic work day. I appreciate that Gus first contacted me with email summaries of his dealings with my spouse's lawyer and then, after reviewing the emails, I was able to discuss my concerns, at a time that was convenient for both of us, even if it was 10 pm. I felt that Gus always had my best interest at hand, including keeping me calm. Gus never made me feel ignorant if I did not understand the legal jargon. He always took the time to explain the details of any documents presented to me, as well as clearly explaining what to expect during the legal process. I particularly appreciated his office space. The office is not a typical law office with uptight staff in suits. The office has a calming sense of zen notable as soon as one enters. His staff always knew who I was when I called. His junior associate, Andriana, always made herself accessible when Gus was on trial. Gus is well poised, well mannered and always positive. One needs that sense of calm during the stress of divorce! I had total confidence in him and his work ethics show excellent character. I will always be grateful to Gus for his guidance and hard work. I am also happy to call Gus a friend! Gus is awesome!


Mr. Dimopoulos is "wise trial counsel..."
-Associate Justice Cheryl E. Chambers, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department
Gus is a true professional who knows the law and always looks out for his clients best interest.
-Evan Wiederkehr, matrimonial attorney and Partner, Miller Zeiderman &Wiederkehr, LLP
Gus is one the good guys. Strong advocate , responsive and knows his stuff. I certainly endorse this lawyer.
-Gregory Salant, matrimonial attorney and court-appointed attorney for children
Gus is great! I recommend him highly!
-Alan Greenberg, managing partner, Greenberg Gross, P. C.